Savage, Crag, And Pike

Discrete - Efficient - Professional

Who We are

We Are - A dedicated team of highly trained and skilled professionals. Our diverse backgrounds allow us to be flexible and agile enough to suit many security needs.

We Are - Backed by the Grand Company of Ul'dah, the Immortal Flames, and available for both governmental and private business

We Are - Available for contract on an individual or group level. 'By the people, for the people'

What We Do

We are available for many different types of contracts, including:

Secure Transport Traveling abroad? Moving goods from one place to another? The wilds of Eorzea and beyond can be hazardous - let us help you ensure your persons or items reach their destination intact

Investigative Services Lost something or someone? We can track it down for you! We will bring your items or cargo back from wherever they need to be retrieved.

Conflict Negotiation Our team also includes skilled negotiators who can help you navigate out of conflicts both professional and personal.

Event Security Feel confident in the safety of your venue, your guests and your valuables by letting us help you keep an eye on them.


We believe that the safety of the people of this star is paramount. Our training and skills come from many places, from civilian organizations to the standing militaries of Eorzea and we hold ourselves to high standards of integrity.

Though we are sanctioned by Ul'dah's Immortal Flames, we are not a brigade of the Grand Company, which gives us agility to go many places and handle specialized situations.

However, we are not 'mercenaries' - a term often used to describe 'adventurers' of varying skill levels available to the highest bidder. Be assured that while we are working under your contract, we are working for your best interests and not the simple promise of payment.


FC Office:
Goblet Ward 19 Plot 17 (Balmung)

FC Leader:
Otolin Stone

Severine Sauvageot, Breandan Ducaille

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you'd like to connect!


Otolin Stone - Principal Partner

(Physical security, ?)

Severine Sauvageot - Partner

(Investigation, object retrieval, ??)

Breandan Ducaille - Partner
(Physical security, Salvage ?)

Field Staff

Yellow Rose

(Physical security, ?)

Xiaohu Cao
(Information gathering/brokering, investigation, ?)

Office Staff

Red Lily

(Admin and Logistics, ?)

Odval Haragin

(Medical support, research, ?)


Ashley Hawke

Silvestre vigneaux

(Weapons/Armaments, physical security, ?

Affiliate Companies
Bel Canto Vineyards<Wine>
The Talley <TN-RP>